Thursday, August 27, 2009

Politics, Death, and the End of Free Speech

For anyone that has been following American politics lately it can be overwhelming. There are more minor scandals than any average person has time to hear about, much less do anything about. I've come to the conclusion that it's the political version of a document dump. If you are unfamiliar with the term "document dump", it's a tactic used by big company lawyers when they are forced to provide some document, then they'll bury it in entire rooms full of mostly unrelated documents for the opposing lawyers. It's one of those loopholes in the law that most people don't care about, since everyone hates lawyers anyway. Whatever it is that the politicians are up to, it probably is major. For one thing Obama seems to have no intention of stopping warrantless wiretapping, or ending the war, the sort of things that typical Democrat voters really expected. Instead DoJ keeps up their appeals, and Striker gets re-deployed. You might think that the health care reform is where the effort is going, but most representatives haven't taken the time to read it, and Obama doesn't seem to care that his speaches about health care aren't anything like what is in the bill. They don't care that the cancer survival rates in places with universal care are 25% lower, they want control, and power. And more than anything, they want to control the media, with the media they can get re-elected, and get revenge on political opponents. Unfortunately for us the internet is part of what politicians consider the media, I'm sure it'll be a target.