Saturday, November 9, 2013

Swale Burial

I guess the labor participation rate is down to 33% or something like that. I thought I had a line on something, but I guess I'm still part of the majority. I don't like the idea of being on too many lists, whenever I need to deal with the government it makes me nervous. Signed up for healthcare because my old state run system was closed for Obama. It worked second try, then they sent me a new DSHS identification card unsolicited, after signing me up for the renamed free state plan, but sending me no health card.  I'm guessing that they'll transfer records over from the old system eventually. Honestly, I get by, I just need my diabetes meds, and a checkup once in a while. Everyone who was paying attention knows they made a bunch of places dig nice drainage swales in the last decades, I'd hate to think they were just getting ready to have the mass graves all dug ahead of time for their death panels. I don't hate the president, Kristallnacht should never happen again. No one should censor the internet, the TEA party shouldn't be harassed by the IRS, businesses shouldn't be extorted and taken over by the government, and most of all people shouldn't have to start dying. Millions of people are being dumped from their health care plans, many of those plans were keeping chronically ill people alive. The insurance companies called these people "bad apples", they were losing money on them, but they were required to pay out, now they can drop the plans because of the president. The new state plan is "apple", that's not a good sign.