Sunday, March 13, 2016

Growing Censorship

I've been paying attention to things. Things you see one day, and they've changed the next.
YouTube music videos that have bad language are replaced with muted versions. And it's not just the F word, it's the word drugs. Popular culture being sanitized, "sucks" being deemed a swear, and not like Kid Rocks words of wisdom "suck my dick" but the widespread general usage, "that sucks". Honestly, today there was an article on WIRED titled, "Dancing in Shackles: Today your Adblock is taking a stand against censorship," and the article made no sense, WIRED blocks content from users using Adblock. Ransoming content for actual money, or forcing ads on the reader that are likely to be the source of the majority of viruses on the net. Censorship of public domain videos, which are becoming clickfarms instead. And no, Amnesty International has no anti-censorship focus going on, you'd have to be a detective to figure out what WIRED is talking about, as far as I can tell Amnesty is collecting donations to promote general human rights, like sexual reproductive freedom, freeing political prisoners and stopping police brutality. If you click on their google ad all you get is a donation form. As for Adblock, it's still blocking ads for now, so for the moment the user still has the power to censor content. It's a never ending struggle though, other people want to decide what you will, can, or must watch.