Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Killer Cars

Toyota gas pedals: vroom...splat!
Prius brake computers: vroom...splat!
Volvo gas pumps: drip, drip...kaboom!

I wish that car companies weren't in such a hurry to add new features, and that government would stop being so strict on emissions. I had a two door Sunbird in the 80's that got 45 MPG and was sporty, I'm fairly sure the EC had been removed, but it ran clean. I'm sure a Prius isn't getting much better than 50 MPG, probably because of emissions laws. I've heard that a lightweight diesel car with manual transmission and good aerodynamics can get around 100 MPG if you drive it right.

It's the KISS thing, why spend billions redesigning something that already worked fine? Especially if the new one isn't really all that much better.